Legal Edge Research

As institutional investors increasingly factor in legal analysis when making investment decisions, CFRA Legal Edge provides high-quality analysis and expert research to understand legal-related risks and opportunities.

Legal Edge is a proactive research service that focuses on assessing legal and regulatory risk and identifies potential mispricings related to major litigation, crisis events, regulatory events, and other significant happenings.

CFRA's lead Legal Edge analyst, Nicholas Rodelli, brings over a decade of experience as a buyside analyst and corporate litigator. His colleague Michael Gordon, also an attorney, has a background in computer science – a particularly important discipline in an era of proliferating patent litigation.

Key Takeaways

  • Proactive Research - Understand the risks and opportunities of legal and regulatory events.
  • Unique Approach — Reports suit a variety of investment styles and time horizons with real-time analysis.
  • Experience and Service — Leverage the knowledge and experience of some of the industry's most talented attorneys in the area of legal and regulatory risk


  • Current Perspective — Real time analysis and current perspectives on legal and regulatory events – focused on idea generation.
  • Access to Analysts — Counsel on call, with unlimited access to the research team for questions on the published body of work, as well as a rapid-response helpdesk on other legal or regulatory questions.
  • Analyst Note and Data — Provides access to analyst reports, as well as access to the raw notes, findings and observations.
  • High Touch Service — Access to the research team for questions on the published body of work, as well as a rapid-response help desk.
  • Customizable — Bespoke Projects, including proprietary research available for an additional fee.

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