Products & Solutions

Idea Generation.  Risk Management.  Intelligence.

Timely company, industry, and thematic research reports
as well as live meetings and conference calls with our experienced and trusted analysts

Accounting Lens
Accounting risk research on an extensive universe of companies believed to have significantly poor quality of reported financial results, operational metrics and corporate governance problems.

Legal Edge
Legal research that focuses on assessing legal and regulatory risk and identifies potential mispricings related to major patent and other litigation, crisis events, regulatory events, and other significant happenings.

Fundamental Research
Equity analysis, exchange-traded fund and mutual fund analysis, fixed income research, and industry surveys for both wealth advisors and institutional investors, with multidimensional coverage of over 17,000 global companies.
Suite of quantitative scores and data covering 15,000+
global publicly-traded companies to help you screen for opportunities and risk

CFRA Earnings Score
Originally developed with three Wharton accounting professors, the back-tested methodology measures the more discretionary, non-cash component of a company's earnings, which tends to be less reliable and less persistent than earnings supported by cash flows.

CFRA Cash Flow Score
Developed in conjunction with Professor Rodrigo Verdi of MIT's Sloan School of Management, the model goes beyond more traditional analyses of operating and free cash flow by breaking cash flow from operations down into its core components: collections from customers, payments to suppliers, and interest payments to creditors.

Energy Edge
Energy information providing 500+ unique accounting and financial data points for the U.S. Exploration & Production (E&P) Industry.  Comprehensive and consistent data coverage saves significant time and effort in conducting comparable analysis, idea generation and risk management.

Customized research and training to support investment and
risk management decisions using our forensic accounting and legal research methodologies

Forensic Accounting
Risks of hidden deterioration in the business, flattened value-drivers, accounting restatement, or SEC Enforcement Action need to be understood via rigorous due diligence.  We support client-specific project needs, ranging from high-level auto-generated reports to rapid response focused review to deep-dive forensic financial statement analysis.

Led by experienced attorneys with backgrounds in corporate litigation and computer science, we can support detailed legal and regulatory risk analysis to identify potential mispricings or risk related to major litigation, crisis events, regulatory events, and other significant issues.