Fast, seamless integration into your technology environment

Award-winning technical integration through our groundbreaking Research-as-a-Service approach

Recognized as a leader in the investment industry, our pioneering Research-as-a-Service (RaaS) approach gives you an agile and cost-effective way to develop and deploy custom solutions across your enterprise quickly.

Research-as-a-Service (RaaS) Delivery Options

Regardless of your preferred delivery method, we’ll partner closely to help you define, develop, and deploy custom tools, applications, and solutions across your entire enterprise.

Web-based platforms

Turnkey enterprise platforms and real-time access to our latest insights and data

A wide range of hosted enterprise web-based solutions that give your users access to our latest insights and data through permissioned portals.

  • MarketScope Advisor for our fundamental equity, ETF and mutual fund research. Single sign-on capabilities.
  • Accounting Lens for our forensic accounting research and Biggest Concerns List
  • Legal Edge for our suite of legal research
  • Bespoke Edge for our library of bespoke research
  • Lowry OnDemand for our technical research
  • FUNDynamix for monitoring and analyzing ETFs


Quickly design and deploy custom solutions across your enterprise

Our RaaS APIs give you a flexible, cost-effective, and customizable solution to integrate atomized insights and data into your technology environment so you can quickly create and deploy custom tools and applications across your entire enterprise.

Data Feeds

Integrate insights and data into your existing workflow

Easily ingest CFRA content through your internal workflows, processes, and platforms through a daily data feed. Multiple file formats are supported including PDF, XML, TXT, and RIXML v2.5.

Additional Delivery Options

Third-Party Integration

Access our investment insights and data through third-party platforms

Gain access to CFRA content through partnerships and integration with various third-party financial platforms including Bloomberg, FactSet, and Refinitiv.

Begin your free, 2-week no obligation trial to access the latest insights:

  • Market Analysis
  • Major Sector Analysis
  • Industry Group Analysis
  • Stock Analysis
  • ETF Analysis
  • Portfolios
  • Buy & Sell Ideas
  • Daily & Weekly Alerts specifically bull and bear markets