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Why Choose our Investment Research Services?

A global leader in financial intelligence solutions and insights.

CFRA delivers independent, unbiased, and actionable investment research, data, and analytics to clients worldwide with our award-winning technology so they can make smarter investment and business decisions.

CFRA Research's Deep Investment Research Expertise

Deep Expertise

Our global team features many of the most sought-after voices and thought leaders across the investment landscape with expertise spanning fundamental equity, forensic accounting, fund, public policy, legal, and technical research along with data and analytics.

CFRA Research's Unbiased and Independent Investment Research

Unbiased and Independent

We don’t have an asset management or investment banking arm. We don’t manage money. We don’t make trades. We don’t create products that compete with our clients. You can rest easy knowing the insights you receive from CFRA are independent.

CFRA Research's Award-Winning Investment Research Technology

Award-Winning Technology

Our next-gen approach to content delivery and integration offers you the ability to fully customize the method used to integrate our insights and data...enabling you to deploy flexible and cost-effective solutions across your entire enterprise quickly.

Investment Research Solutions Offered by CFRA.

High-quality research and data to enhance portfolio performance and mitigate risk.

Fundamental Equity Research

Gain a comprehensive view of global themes, industries, and companies.

Leverage our comprehensive Fundamental Equity Research to confidently build portfolios and identify trading opportunities. Our qualitative analysis spans over 16,000 companies, while our quantitative cover extends to more than 13,000 global companies. Additionally, we manage 15 stock and ETF model portfolios, alongside 5 ESG model portfolios, with track records extending up to 24 years.

CFRA Research's Fundamental Equity Research
CFRA Research's Forensic Accounting Research

Forensic Accounting Research

Understand implications of public company financial reporting.

Utilize our Forensic Accounting Research to generate alpha and avoid costly portfolio blowups. Our extensive coverage identifies companies with significantly poor quality reported financial results, operational metrics, and corporate governance issues, ensuring you stay ahead of potential risks.

Global ETF Data & Analytics

Data and analytics you need to navigate the ETF universe.

Gain powerful insights into the global ETF universe through our ETF data and analysis. Quickly analyze flows and identify new product or investment opportunities with our specialized ETF holdings database and proprietary classification framework, featuring nearly 100 granular categories.

CFRA Research's Global ETF Data & Analytics
CFRA Research's Technical Research

Technical Research

Giving you confidence to navigate any market cycle.

Gain the confidence to navigate any market cycle with our time-tested, data-driven Technical Research based on supply and demand that measures the internal strength of the markets, sectors, industry groups, and individual issues.

Public Policy & Legal Research

Identify opportunity and risk driven by public policy.

Assess and quantify investment opportunities and risks arising from market-moving public policy and legal events that impact financial markets including legislative, regulatory, judicial, and political developments across all levels of government.

CFRA Research's CFRA Research's Technical Research

Seamless Research Integration into Your Technology Environment

Seamless Research Integration - Web-Based Platforms

Web-Based Platforms

Hosted enterprise web solutions allow your users access to our insights and data through a number of platforms like MarketScope Advisor, Accounting Lens, Lowry OnDemand and FUNDynamix.

Seamless Research Integration - APIs

Atomized integration of CFRA content through our award-winning Research-as-a-Service (RaaS) API directly into your portals allows for creation of custom tools and applications across your enterprise.

Seamless Research Integration - Data Feeds

Easily ingest CFRA content through your internal workflows, processes, and platforms through a daily data feed. Multiple file formats are supported including PDF, XML, TXT, and RIXML v2.5.

Seamless Research Integration - Financial Platforms

Financial Platforms

Gain access to CFRA content through partnerships and integration with various third-party financial platforms including Bloomberg, FactSet, and Refinitiv.