Institutional Investors

Expertise to help you generate alpha and manage portfolio risk

A trusted partner you can take to the bank

A full suite of independent investment research and data designed for institutional investors

As one of the largest global providers of independent and unbiased investment research, CFRA has a long history of partnering closely with some of the world’s largest hedge funds, asset managers, family offices, pension funds, and private equity firms to support their research needs, perform custom due diligence, and manage risk.

Forensic Accounting Research

Understand the implications of public company financial reporting

Access our highest conviction ideas, generate added alpha, and avoid costly portfolio blowups through our extensive coverage of companies we believe raise red flags based on the poor quality of reported financial results, operational metrics, and corporate governance problems.

Public Policy Research

Separate headline risk from fundamental changes

Assess and quantify investment opportunities and risks arising from market-moving public policy, including legislative, regulatory, judicial, and political developments across all levels of government.

Legal Research

Real-time insights on legal themes, cases, and regulatory events

Stay on top of legal catalysts and potential mispricings related to major patent and other litigation, crisis and regulatory events with industry-leading legal research designed to help you make sound investment and risk management decisions.

Global ETF Data & Analytics

The data and analytics you need to navigate the ETF universe

Gain powerful insight into the global ETF universe by quickly analyzing flows and identifying new product or investment opportunities with our specialized ETF holdings database and proprietary classification framework featuring nearly 100 granular categories.

Bespoke Solutions

Fully customized research projects and solutions

Our team of forensic accounting, public policy and legal analysts stand ready to partner with you on a fully customized research or due diligence solution to support a specific project or initiative.

Technical Research

Giving you the confidence to navigate any market cycle

Gain the confidence to navigate any market cycle with our time-tested, data-driven technical research driven by supply and demand that measures the internal strength of the markets, sectors, industry groups and individual issues.