What is Reg BI?

Reg BI establishes a “best interest” standard of conduct for broker-dealers and requires brokers to mitigate conflicts of interest.

The regulation applies to broker-dealers and associated personnel when making a recommendation to a retail client (i.e., an individual person) of any securities transaction or investment strategy involving securities, including recommendations of types of accounts.

The rule includes obligations pertaining to disclosure, care, conflict of interest, and compliance, posing challenges for broker-dealers, advisors and compliance teams.

How CFRA Can Help

Independent and unbiased research to help you tackle Reg BI requirements head-on

CFRA’s independent, forward-focused, and predictive research focused on stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, sectors and industries allows brokers and advisors to deliver clear investment insights to their retail investor clients.

Access Independent Research & Ratings

CFRA’s independent and objective investment research and ratings enable brokers to provide credible and actionable research.

Evaluate Research Options

Research-as-a-Service APIs from CFRA enable brokers to access reports quickly and easily bring them into internal applications and CRM.

Differentiate Your Service

CFRA’s stock and fund ratings and buy/ hold/ sell recommendations are essential tools for brokers and advisors to differentiate their service.

The more an advisor or broker can demonstrate that they are considering the research and ratings of an objective third party, the better able they are to demonstrate that they are serving in the investor’s interest.