Public Policy & Legal Research

Identify opportunity and risk driven by public policy and the courts.

Separate headline risk from fundamental changes

A 50-year track record helping institutional clients navigate the public policy landscape

Acquired by CFRA in 2021, Washington Analysis provides a regular stream of timely insights and actionable analysis, you can stay informed on market-driving changes from legislative, regulatory, judicial, and political developments at all levels of government.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our in-depth coverage across the most heavily regulated sectors and market-impacting policy debates is complemented by our unique institutional expertise and experience in niche coverage areas, including:

  • Courts & Litigation
  • Defense, Aerospace, and Foreign Policy
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Financial Services and Housing
  • Healthcare
  • Politics and Major Legislation
  • Tax and Trade
  • Telecommunications, Media, and Technology (TMT)
  • Special Situations
  • M&A


Our seasoned policy analysts bring unique institutional expertise and experience in a broad range of asset classes and coverage areas. With an average tenure of more than 15-years with the firm, our team features former attorneys, lobbyists, congressional staff, journalists, and fundamental analysts, many having careers that span both the public and private sector from Capitol Hill to Wall Street.

Propriety Approach

Our unique methodology gathers input from multiple proprietary and public sources to produce insightful opinions on the impact of policy changes.

Policy Contacts & Sources
Our analysts have an extensive network of decisionmakers, experts, and influencers at both federal and state levels.

Primary News & Data Sources
We draw insights from data acquired through countless primary news and subscription based sources.

Analyst Expertise
Our long-tenured team of analysts bring a unique institutional expertise with careers spanning both the public and private sector from Capitol Hill to Wall Street.

Research Opinion
We only publish research when we have a strong conviction and point of view on an issue, industry, or sector.

Non-correlated, alpha-focused legal insights

Finding non-correlated alpha opportunities for event driven investors

Our team of legal experts assess legal and regulatory risk and identify potential mispricings related to major patent, litigation, crisis, and regulatory events.

Multi-disciplined Approach

We combine legal and financial disciplines to identify uncorrelated alpha opportunities and advise institutional investors on legal and regulatory matters important to investment decision making.

Legal Expertise

In addition to legal expertise, our team combines buy-side experience and a shared heritage with forensic accounting, utilizing an exception-based approach to identify unknown or unappreciated legal risks and opportunities.

Unparalleled Analyst Access

Written Research Distribution

Receive reports via e-mail, through our RaaS API solution, or through third-party platforms, including Bloomberg and FactSet.

Direct Access to Analysts

In-person or virtual meetings with our analysts and access to our Policy Help Desk.

Conference Calls and Events

Ongoing exclusive calls and in-person events featuring our analysts alongside industry and policy experts.

Custom Research Projects

Fully customized research projects and policy insights tailored to your specific needs and interests.

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