ETF Data & Analytics

The critical insight you need to navigate the ETF universe

Are your ETF strategies backed by timely, precise global ETF data?

CFRA offers one of the most comprehensive ETF databases in the industry

Gain real-time insight into the global ETF universe by quickly analyzing trends, flows, and holdings data to identify new product and investment opportunities.

ETF Classifications

Simply the most comprehensive ETF classification framework in the industry. Our proprietary framework allows you to quickly search and identify ETFs across nearly 100 unique factors and themes.

ETF Constituent Holdings

Improve your risk management and avoid portfolio blow-ups by analyzing current and historical holdings and weightings data across the global universe of ETFs.

Statistics & Analytics

Stay on top of daily returns, monitor fund flows and trading volume for every ETF globally so you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Ideal for institutional and wealth management clients alike

Comprehensive ETF data that supports multiple client types, investment styles, and business goals

Institutional Investors

  • Quickly find ETFs that support your trading strategies and market view across nearly 100 unique factors and themes.
  • Develop alpha-generating trading strategies based on changes to ETF constituents and their underlying index methodologies.
  • Track and monitor historical trading activity and exposure of actively managed ETFs to replicate, modify, or create competitive strategies.
  • Monitor your portfolios for sector, factor, and single security concentration risk to avoid costly blow-ups.
  • Quickly gauge whether an ETFs asset size is driven by market movement or new flows.

Wealth Management Firms

  • Deliver your advisors and retail clients a unique and customized experience, designed specifically for ETFs, across your web and mobile platforms.
  • Empower your users to search and select ETFs across nearly 100 unique factors and themes without the limitations of outdated mutual fund style boxes.
  • Position your firm to capitalize on the ever-growing flow of assets moving from mutual funds to ETFs with powerful screening tools.
  • Access our flexible delivery options including seamless platform integration through our award-winning Research-as-a-Service (RaaS) API.
  • Grow your AUM by retaining and attracting new clients with dynamic next-gen web and mobile applications that help your brand stand apart.

Global Coverage of 19,000+ ETFs

Global ETF data and historical holdings delivered in a standardized format to ensure your analysis can be done quickly and efficiently

Flexible Content Delivery

Choose the integration approach that best meets your needs.


A dynamic data platform designed for ETF and fund focused professionals that provides real-time insight and specialized ETF screening, monitoring and analysis capabilities.


Atomized integration of CFRA content through our award-winning Research-as-a-Service (RaaS) API directly into your portals allows for creation of custom tools and applications across your enterprise.

Data Feeds

Easily ingest CFRA content through your internal workflows, processes, and platforms through a daily data feed. Multiple file formats are supported including PDF, XML, TXT, and RIXML v2.5.

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