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CFRA Celebrates First Anniversary of Acquisition of its Equity and Fund Research Business

10 October 2017

New York, October 10, 2017: CFRA, one of the world’s largest providers of independent research, announced one year ago its acquisition of S&P Global’s Equity and Fund Research business with the purpose of delivering greater “Quality, Scale, and Value” to its clients.

In terms of “Quality”, CFRA has significantly augmented its teams. CFRA is now up to 75 Global Analysts tasked with creating unique analytical insights to help subscribers improve their investment and business decision-making. CFRA’s clients include the world’s leading institutional investors, wealth advisors, corporations, academics, and governments.

As for “Scale”, in addition to its leading forensic accounting research, CFRA produces Buy/Sell/Hold recommendations on over 11,000+ global companies while authoring in-depth qualitative research on 1,500+ of these companies. In addition, CFRA offers in-depth qualitative research on 11 Sectors, 42 Industries, 2,000+ ETFs, 22,000+ Mutual Funds, as well as quantitative analytics on 20,000+ global companies.

And lastly “Value”. CFRA’s research must perform and CFRA is proud to say that its performance has been exceptional across all research products. One set of performance figures CFRA believes truly highlights the “Quality, Scale and Value” mantra is the below table:

Peter de Boer, CFRA’s CEO stated, “Over the last year, CFRA’s investment in quality has made it the only independent research provider that can qualitatively cover 1,000+ U.S. public companies and produce superior relative results as compared to the largest global investment banks. No other independent research provider can make this claim. I’m very proud of our team’s accomplishments and we have a lot on our agenda as we continue to build CFRA into a world-class organization. I am certain that our clients will see increasing benefits as we continue to invest across all our research, data and analytical products.”

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 CFRA is one of the world’s largest providers of independent investment research.  Through a differentiated methodology blending forensic accounting and fundamental equity research, CFRA empowers sophisticated investment professionals, advisors and risk managers with actionable analysis and proven results.

CFRA’s global research team of 75 analysts critically evaluates industries, funds and companies of interest to help over 2,000 clients, including the world’s leading institutional investors, wealth advisors, corporations, academics and governments, to make sound investment and business decisions.

Founded in 1994, CFRA is privately held with offices in or near New York, London, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Charlottesville, Denver, and Washington, D.C.  In October 2016, CFRA acquired and has since fully integrated the Equity and Fund Research business from S&P Global.


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