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CFRA Unveils Powerful New FUNDynamix Platform for ETF and Fund-Focused Professionals

09 May 2023

Web-based platform designed as a hub for all professionals working with or on Exchange Traded Funds; provides critical, timely data and insights that no other platform can deliver

NEW YORK, May 9, 2023 – CFRA, the world’s leading provider of independent investment research, is today marking the launch of FUNDynamix, a new web-based platform that provides critical, timely data and updates, specialized ETF monitoring, and analysis available on no other platform.

Key features of FUNDynamix include dramatically enhanced abilities to identify ETFs and ETF categories on a granular level that are experiencing changes in flows; analyzing sector- and holdings-level exposure trends in specific ETFs over a variety of time frames; monitoring credit quality changes in bond ETFs over time; detailed breakdowns of the drivers of fund flows, including analysis on whether asset changes are being driven by net creations/redemptions or market movement; and much more.

“We’ve long had the industry’s most robust set of global ETP data available as a data feed. With FUNDynamix we are now able to deliver that data in actionable, insightful, easy to navigate ways that will help ETF issuers and investment professionals identify flow patterns and performance trends early, helping them stay ahead of the curve when it comes to their product development and product marketing approaches,” said Aniket Ullal, Head of ETF Data & Analytics with CFRA.

Unlike other data platforms, CFRA’s FUNDynamix is designed for the full range of professionals whose work involves the fast-growing ETF universe, including:

  • Product management teams;
  • Fund distributors;
  • Portfolio managers and investment teams;
  • Technology and platform professionals;
  • Compliance experts; and
  • The full range of service providers to both the wealth and asset management worlds.

“With FUNDynamix, trends can be spotted sooner, risks charted more closely to real-time, and product lineups and investor portfolios kept ahead of the trends that until now had always seemed surprising in hindsight,” said Eram Schlegel, Chief Product Officer & Global Head of Marketing with CFRA.

“An additional key aspect that sets FUNDynamix apart is its robust and proprietary fund categorization system, which systematically groups funds together based on their key attributes, not on potentially arbitrary, and often rigid, style box definitions,” added Saul Melendez, Senior Director of Product Management with CFRA

“Early FUNDynamix users have been able to spot the data showing a range of key, but potentially under the radar, trends, including the $10 billion that the entire buffered ETF category took in last year and how a small cohort of high-quality ETFs, including QUAL and COWZ, have been among the biggest asset gatherers of the past six months,” continued Ullal.

FUNDynamix is the latest addition to CFRA’s industry-leading suite of research solutions. The firm’s proprietary approach provides a unique blend of fundamental equity; forensic accounting; legal and regulatory insights; and fund, public policy and technical research with cutting-edge data and analytics, all delivered via highly customizable, tech-driven approaches.

Click here for more information about FUNDynamix.

NOTE: Complimentary access to FUNDynamix is available to members of the media. Contact Chris Sullivan of Craft & Capital for more details: / (212) 473-4442.

CFRA is a global leader in financial intelligence solutions and insights. Our proprietary approach blends a unique mix of fundamental equity, forensic accounting, fund, public policy, and technical research with data, proprietary analytics, and next-gen technology to arm clients with the financial intelligence required to power their business and investing goals.

CFRA’s global research team of over 90 analysts critically evaluates industries, funds and companies of interest to help over 2,000 clients, including the world’s leading hedge funds, asset managers, wealth advisors, private banks, corporations, academics and governments.

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