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See behind the curtain with CFRA’s custom forensic due diligence

04 January 2024

See behind the curtain with CFRA’s custom forensic due diligence

With services ranging from quick reviews to deep-dive forensic analysis, CFRA can support your investment processes through customized investment, due diligence, and risk management analysis.

  • Get unparalleled insight into the financial integrity and governance of a company, industry, or sector.
  • Uncover hidden truths beyond the balance sheet and public disclosures.
  • See the potential impact of material events or M&A activity,
  • Thorough assessments and tailored analysis driven by our disciplined research process.

Why choose CFRA?

  • Expertise: Our team is comprised of seasoned forensic accounting professionals with a proven track record of unraveling complex financial mysteries.
  • Cutting-Edge Methodologies: We employ our unique methodologies to dissect data, leaving no stone unturned in our investigations.
  • Tailored Solutions: From industry-specific insights to global perspectives, our research is customized to meet your unique needs.

CFRA’s custom due diligence solutions

Detailed reviews

  • Assessments of the quality of reported revenue, earnings and cash flow, and reviews of company reported key performance metrics for fair representation of profitability.
  • Uncover any manipulation that may flatter a company’s financial results.

Focused reviews

  • A narrow focus on specific financial statement and/or accounting questions including M&A and critical accounting policies and disclosure discrepancies.
  • Pinpoint the risk of hidden deterioration or flattered value drivers.

Sample reports

  • Sample Report: CFRA’s custom due diligence helps client identify accounting issues ahead of 90% decline in share price.
  • Sample Report: Comparative Analysis of Depreciation and Amortization Policies

Download the sample reports.


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