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CFRA Announces a Series of Exciting Enhancements to its Widely Followed Industry Surveys

19 March 2019
New design will make surveys easier to read and digest; actionable takeaways will be front and center; surveys being added for new industries; and more

NEW YORK, March 19, 2019 – CFRA, one of the world’s largest providers of independent research, today announced plans for a rollout of dramatically redesigned and enhanced versions of the firm’s widely followed Industry Surveys.

After gathering a significant amount of client feedback, CFRA is rolling out surveys that will allow readers to quickly identify and process key data, actionable conclusions and specific next steps. Shorter, bulleted statements will be located at the top of each survey going forward, allowing busy investors to better find and use the most compelling themes and ideas identified by CFRA through this research. Additionally, a number of important industries are for the first time getting their own dedicated surveys.

“We are excited to begin rolling out this new iteration of our very popular Industry Surveys,” said Beth Piskora, Vice President of Editorial for CFRA. “We think our clients will be pleased as well, and many will recognize the enhancements we’ve made as coming directly from their own suggestions, the most common of which was to make the surveys easier to read and quicker to act upon.”

Among the new industries that will be getting their own Industry Survey in 2019 are Midstream Oil & Gas, Asset Managers, and Alternative Energy. Additionally, the Insurance industry will be split into two surveys, covering Property & Casualty and Life & Health, respectively, while Food Products and Beverages will be combined into a single survey, streamlining the research process for investors on that front. In total, there will now be 44 Industry Surveys produced by the CFRA team, up from 41.

“This was very much a collaborative project between our team and our clients, and after doing a great deal of listening we think we’ve created a roster of industries and a streamlined, easy to use approach that makes it simpler than ever for investors to understand and act upon the key findings of our industry-leading research team,” added Piskora.

CFRA’s deep roster of equity and market experts include Sam Stovall, Chief Investment Strategist of U.S. Equity Strategy at CFRA and Todd Rosenbluth, Head of Mutual Fund and ETF Research. Other members of the CFRA team include some of the most widely followed and quoted analysts covering sectors such as technology, health care, financials, automotive, oil & gas, and more.

Through its MarketScope Advisor (MSA) platform, CFRA gives investors and institutions access to award-winning independent investment analysis, market/industry/sector commentary, and actionable investment ideas. Its unique holdings-based, forward-looking methodology provides a deeper level of insight into ETFs and mutual funds for investors and advisors in building and managing investment portfolios.

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CFRA is one of the world’s largest providers of independent investment research. Through a differentiated methodology blending forensic accounting and fundamental equity research, CFRA empowers sophisticated investment professionals, advisors and risk managers with actionable analysis and proven results.

CFRA’s global research team of 75 analysts critically evaluates industries, funds and companies of interest to help over 2,000 clients, including the world’s leading institutional investors, wealth advisors, corporations, academics and governments, to make sound investment and business decisions.

Founded in 1994, CFRA is privately held with offices in or near New York, London, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Charlottesville, Denver, and Washington, D.C. In October 2016, CFRA acquired and has since fully integrated the Equity and Fund Research business from S&P Global.



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