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Generative AI Outlook

Angelo Zino, CFA, Vice President of Equity Research
05 July 2023

Generative AI has experienced unprecedented popularity and adoption worldwide this year, revolutionizing various industries and captivating the imagination of individuals and businesses alike. Accelerators are among the frontrunners set to reap substantial benefits from this transformative technology. As the world increasingly relies on the immense computational power required to fuel the capabilities of generative AI, accelerators are emerging as key players in meeting this demand. In this insightful recording, CFRA Vice President of Equity Research, Angelo Zino, CFA, sheds light on the vast opportunities presented by the cutting-edge data center chipsets that underpin these accelerators. With the rise of generative AI, accelerators are witnessing a notable upswing in their outlook, as they serve as the driving force behind the enhanced performance and efficiency required for the success of this groundbreaking technology. The convergence of generative AI and accelerators paints a promising future as they shape and reshape industries, economies, and societies.

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