Case Study

Better research and technology wins: CFRA displaces legacy research provider at Global Private Bank

22 March 2023


CIO team opened up a global RFP in consideration of replacing existing third-party equity research solution.

The Situation


Client required greater transparency into research methodology and performance along with more stability in equity recommendations. The previous provider’s recommendations came with significant volatility largely driven by valuation alone, leading to poor performance and strained client relationships. When combined with the previous provider’s lack of thematic focused research, relationship managers and advisors experience a low level of confidence in the research and recommendations at their disposal.

Client Service and Support

When faced with data and integration issues, the Client was unable to access the research and technical support needed, resulting in unnecessary reputational and compliance risk.


The Client was embarking on a multi-year digital transformation and their current provider did not have to technical capabilities to innovate and grow along with them.

The Solution


CFRA provided transparency into our research methodology and performance, including sharing our methodology documentation, providing access to senior research leaders and executives, and sharing the long-term track record of our research team’s equity recommendations. CFRA’s holistic, style-agnostic, risk-focused research methodology has been proven to outperform during multiple market cycles. The Client also appreciated that CFRA is entirely independent, and our research solution in compliant across global jurisdictions.

Client Service and Support

“Clients-First” is a core value of CFRA and we worked closely with the Client to understand their support requirements and deliver a tailored Service Level Agreement for dedicated account management and technical support.


CFRA’s Research-as-a-Service (RaaS) approach means we collaborate with clients to understand their unique research, content and data requirements. We leverage our best-in-class, flexible API technology to deliver and integrate our research directly into client platforms and workflows, creating a truly customized research solution.

Next-gen, flexible API enabled transition in weeks, not months or years
Dedicated 24/7 access to technical support
CFRA research integrated into multiple platforms across the bank globally
CFRA transformed the Client’s Wealth Management business globally

The Result

The Client chose to integrate and white-label CFRA’s Qualitative Equity Research for their Private Bank RMs. CFRA’s next-gen, flexible API enabled a seamless, efficient transition and was live in weeks, not months or years as is the case with other research providers.

Engagement with CFRA’s research has far exceeded the Client’s expectations. The launch was so well received that CFRA research is now being integrated into additional platforms across the bank globally.

This expanded roll-out was as simple and efficient as the initial launch. The CIO office maintains regular contact with CFRA’s Account Management team, and has delivered positive feedback regarding responsiveness and resolution. When technical issues or questions arise, the Client’s technology and support team have dedicated 24/7 access to CFRA’s technical support to ensure timely resolution.

Gaining a trusted research partner, with a transparent, compliant, proven research methodology, a long-term track record and best-in-class technology and support has transformed the Client’s Wealth Management business globally. A partnership with CFRA not only lowered the total cost of ownership over the life of the agreement but is delivering positive client outcomes, attracting new talent and growing AUM.


Fundamental Equity Research
Gain a comprehensive view of global themes, industries, and companies.
Technical Research
Giving you confidence to navigate any market cycle.