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Lowry Weekly ETF Commentary September 22, 2023

Drew B. Wells, CMT, CIMA, Junior Technical Analyst
22 September 2023


The wise Mahatma Gandhi once said “to lose patience is to lose the battle.” Indeed, as the battle between buyers and sellers continues, the rangebound price action has tested the patience of investors. With the market’s consolidation appearing to occur in a long-term uptrend, building a “hit list” of potential candidates with long-term, high quality Demand profiles remains prudent should the uptrend show signs of resuming. For this week’s ETF Commentary, a “filter & sort” was performed to identify funds with above-average Demand (Power Rating > = 50), above-average yield (Yield > = 3.1%), and positive relative Demand scores (Power Rating Relative Strength > =0). The results were then sorted by Power Rating Momentum (3-week change in Power Rating) in descending order.

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