A dynamic data platform designed for ETF and fund professionals

Turnkey, web-based access to our global ETF data and statistics

Visualize, monitor, and analyze data and trends across the ETF universe in real-time

Powered by CFRA’s ETF database, FUNDynamix provides ETF and fund focused product and investment specialists critical, timely insights to improve monitoring and analysis.

Identify new product and investment opportunities

  • Fine tune your product marketing efforts based on current flow and performance trends.
  • Generate ideas for new products or strategies based on investor interest in specific themes and categories.

Avoid surprises and identify risks

  • Examine ETFs you are evaluating or monitoring to uncover sector, country, and concentration risks.
  • Identify ETFs that may have structural risks like leveraged/inverse, inverse ETFs, and ETNs.

See what drives AUM changes

  • Understand the key drivers for changes in ETF assets.
  • Analyze whether AUM changes are driven by net creations/redemptions or market movement.

Stay on top of ETF trends and analysis

Monitor ETF trends

Identify granular ETF categories experiencing inflows or outflows, pinpoint the best and worst performing categories by returns, and track performance of key asset classes and sectors.

Analyze individual ETFs

Quickly analyze holdings exposure trends for an ETF over time, view sector changes for equity ETFs and credit quality changes for bond ETFs over time. Break down how flows are driven by both NAV changes and net creations over time.

An ETF data platform designed for ETF professionals

Real-time insight and specialized ETF monitoring and analysis

ETF Issuers

Product, marketing, and distribution teams at firms that develop, launch, and market funds.

Investment Teams

Portfolio managers, traders, and research professionals who evaluate, trade, and monitor ETFs.

ETF Service Providers

Product and sales teams at custodians, index providers, and research firms that support the ETF ecosystem.

Risk and Compliance

Risk professionals who need to evaluate and monitor ETFs based on their characteristics or holdings.

Powered by CFRA’s ETF Database

Gain real-time insight into the global ETF universe by quickly analyzing trends, flows, and holdings data to identify new product and investment opportunities.

ETF Classifications

Simply the most comprehensive ETF classification framework in the industry. Our proprietary framework allows you to quickly search and identify ETFs across nearly 100 unique factors and themes.

ETF Constituent Holdings

Improve your risk management and avoid portfolio blow-ups by analyzing current and historical holdings and weightings data across the global universe of ETFs.

Statistics & Analytics

Stay on top of daily returns, monitor fund flows and trading volume for every ETF globally so you can stay ahead of your competitors.

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