List of Top 20 ETNs
Last Updated: 19 May 2024
Fund Name Fund Ticker Fund Sponsor Net Assets ($)
X-Links Crude Oil Shares Covered Call ETN USOI Credit Suisse 382,280,900
ETRACS Alerian MLP Infrastructure Index ETN Series B MLPB UBS 244,290,000
Credit Suisse X-Links Silver Shares Covered Call ETN SLVO Credit Suisse 125,650,272
ETRACS Alerian Midstream Energy Index ETN AMNA UBS 86,300,000
Credit Suisse X-Links Gold Shares Covered Call ETN GLDI Credit Suisse 85,826,001
ETRACS Alerian MLP Index ETN Series B AMUB UBS 84,553,000
ETRACS IFED Invest with the Fed TR Index ETN IFED UBS 74,740,000
ETRACS Alerian Midstream Energy Total Return Index ETN AMTR UBS 72,096,000
ETRACS Whitney US Critical Technologies ETN WUCT UBS 65,920,000
ETRACS Quarterly Pay 1.5X Leveraged Alerian MLP Index ETN MLPR UBS 57,110,000
ETRACS Bloomberg Commodity Index Total Return ETN Series B DJCB UBS 46,011,000
ETRACS 2x Leveraged IFED Invest with the Fed TR Index ETN FEDL UBS 45,040,000
ETRACS Alerian Midstream Energy High Dividend Index ETN AMND UBS 44,760,000
ETRACS 2x Leveraged MSCI US Quality Factor TR ETN QULL UBS 42,920,000
ETRACS 2x Leveraged US Growth Factor TR ETN IWFL UBS 37,050,000
ETRACS 2x Leveraged US Dividend Factor TR ETN SCDL UBS 36,880,000
ETRACS 2x Leveraged US Value Factor TR ETN IWDL UBS 36,680,000
ETRACS Monthly Pay 2xLeveraged US Small Cap High Dividend ETN Series B SMHB UBS 35,910,000
ETRACS 2x Leveraged MSCI US Minimum Volatility Factor TR ETN USML UBS 35,260,000
ETRACS Quarterly Pay 1.5X Leveraged Wells Fargo BDC Index ETN BDCX UBS 33,920,000